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about us

Who we are…

A small business offering simple, easy silhouettes made from quality fabrics. Our collection is conceptualized, designed and manufactured locally, in DTLA.

Our cause...

Making a positive difference in people's lives by giving clean water wells to communities in need. There are 663 million people living without access to safe water (try wrapping your head around that for a minute). Women and children are burdened with the task of fetching dirty water which leads to illness and lack of time to gain an education or earn a living. We're here to help change that.

How we help...

We give 10% of proceed to our charitable partner to begin the process of digging clean water wells. Each well can help up to 500 people at a time, improving conditions for better health, education and economic opportunities.

Thank you.

Your help creates a brighter future for communities in need,
one well at a time.